Pupmass Drivers (CASE STUDY)



Pupmass is the safe, innovative school transportation solution. Our resolution complements school transportation, meets specialized needs, and solves school bus driver shortages. Pupmass has always been committed to creating a solution withinside the lives of children and families.

We recognize that transportation may be the difference between achievement and struggle, that is why we’re on a project to apply technology, operational expertise, and new wondering to assist kids to attain their complete capability via way of means of supplying a safe, reliable manner to get them where they want to be.

We have a direct line to drivers, which creates remarkable transparency, visibility, and communication between Us, Drivers, Ride Organizers, and users associated with a Rider’s account.


In the Desing and development process of Pupmass drivers, the following technologies and frameworks were used.

  • ReactNative
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Api
  • Authentication
  • Blockchain


First of all, We need to identify the most common problems Drivers are going to face and define the way this app will solve them, or at least one of them. Based on this, We can choose the right type of solution. After that, We need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if an application is going to work and assess the potential risks.

PupMass Driver app gave us the opportunity to comprehend the advanced functionality of the xCode and Android Studio IDEs. Our team of designers was able to make a lot of adjustments including changing visual styles, and animations, modifying data, creating new screens, and even some bug fixes directly in the code. This allowed us to improve the quality of the app as needed.

REDOYA’s lead developers specified the main app framework and architecture and developed the application modules after the information-gathering phase. The teams had weekly meetings with CEO Pupmass to show demos, collect feedback, and define the next step and task. The project leader ensured both the team clearly understood the goals and requirements for the application and were able to provide ideas and solutions through meaningful communication without language barriers.


Presly Nelson

It has been a very productive partnership as they have helped us in so many ways. Their team is very multifaceted and it has been great to deal with different people in different areas depending on their core expertise.

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